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We truly believe that BabyHub will make parents’ lives easier and babies’ lives safer and are proud to bring you our award winning products.


Thanks for your votes!BabyHub was awarded the position of semi-finalist on Voom 2016, the UK and Ireland’s biggest and most valuable pitch competition.

It was great to meet Sir Richard Branson, the other competitors and the wonderful Virgin Media team!


BabyHub SleepSpace is a revolution in design – a mosquito proof baby room! The pyramid shape is stable and secure, perfect for keeping baby safe. So easy to use, it allows for essential bonding between parent and child.

A truly portable safe space, the BabyHub SleepSpace can be opened out, closed up and carried in one easy movement, all while holding the baby!

This multi-use product can be used as a travel cot, play space and reused as a play-tepee!

NEW! Following feedback from parent testers, we now include the mosquito netting with the SleepSpace. It is the world’s first travel cot to have a safe-to-use mosquito net cover safe even for babies who can pull themselves up to stand.

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The BabyHub NeoSpace is a completely safe bedside crib with a fully patented fold-down mattress/side meaning NO GAP between baby’s sleeping area and parents’ bed. The mattress side is designed for comfort too.

BabyHub NeoSpace gained the award for Baby Products Association Concept Award Finalist in 2014.

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