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In the first years of a child’s life, the crib is one of the products that many parents prioritize. Because they not only help children be more protected when playing but also give them a better sleep. So how do you choose the best crib for your baby? Check out our next post for the answer!

What is a baby crib?

The crib is one of the tools capable of protecting babies in a certain range. Depending on the age of the child, parents will choose different types of cribs. Usually, the crib will work both to help the baby sleep well and also to help protect the baby’s safety.

What types of baby cots are there?

On the market today, there are many types of cribs with many different designs and designs. But the most popular are still the following 4 types of cribs:

2.1 Plastic cribs

Plastic crib is a product that is usually made from high-quality primary plastic as the main raw material. This material is absolutely safe for children. In particular, the product has a thick design with high bearing capacity and is very durable. In addition, the surface of the product is treated with a soft rounded edge, so it will ensure that your baby will not be hurt if accidentally bumped.

On the other hand, plastic cribs also have an extremely diverse number of designs and are designed and decorated with many bright colors. From there, making the children feel more excited when playing. Besides, this crib line is also assembled from many small sides together, so it is very flexible when splicing into squares, rectangles depending on the space. Not only that, the plastic baby crib is extremely easy and fast to disassemble and can be easily collapsed when not in use.

2.2 Wooden cribs

Wooden cribs are usually multi-sided and tightly bolted. The wood is smoothed and treated with specialized paints to help waterproof, anti-termite and increase the durability of the product. Compared to the plastic crib, the wooden crib will be more sturdy. However, the edges of the wooden crib will be more difficult to round, so if the children are accidentally bumped while playing, it will be very painful.

The disassembly and assembly of the wooden crib will be more limited and difficult than the plastic crib

Besides, the number of designs of wooden cribs is also more limited and there are not as many decorative motifs as plastic cribs. In addition, the disassembly and assembly of the wooden crib will also be limited and more difficult. Therefore, moving or storing the crib is also quite inconvenient.

2.3 Cloth cribs

Fabric cribs use soft fabric to create. So it can be easily disassembled and cleaned during use. Usually, the cloth crib set will have a mattress for the baby to lie on and 5 pieces to be used to surround the wooden frame. Because it is made of fabric material, this product line is very safe for babies and children during use.

Normally, baby crib bedding sets are only suitable for babies from 0 to 6 months old. These crib sets are mainly used for babies to play or lie down to sleep. If your child is older, you can remove the crib from the crib frame to help them play more comfortably.

If your home already has a baby crib frame, you need to buy a cloth crib set. Because it is a very necessary protective tool for babies and children. Because it helps the baby sleep well and the mother is also much more secure when letting the baby lie in the crib. Currently, fabric cribs have many different prices, depending on the financial conditions that you choose accordingly.

2.4 Metal cribs

The main material of this crib model is the metal frame and the fabric strap. This crib can be easily moved. On the other hand, crib frames are usually larger and taller, so you can rest assured when letting your baby play in the metal crib.

The metal crib frame can be easily moved anywhere indoors or outdoors without having to disassemble it

Besides, this product is also suitable for all ages from when children can sit and crawl, you can completely let your baby play. In addition, this type of crib you can let your baby play outdoors is also very good. The metal crib also has many different colors for you to choose according to your preferences.

Unlike the plastic crib frame, this crib frame can be easily moved anywhere indoors or outdoors without needing to be disassembled. Although this product is made of high-quality metal and has a very sturdy design, it is more affordable than the plastic one.

When you buy this crib, you must assemble it into a hexagonal frame. In addition, parents can also buy a few more small balls to make a ball house for their children to play. On the other hand, you can move the metal crib to the areas where you are working to easily observe and monitor your baby.

How to choose the right crib for your baby

Although there are many types of cribs on the market, not all products are suitable for babies. Here are some ways to choose a crib for your baby that you can refer to:

3.1 Determining user needs

As mentioned above, there are two different types of cribs that are placed in the cribs. This type of crib is made from soft fabrics and two independent cribs made of plastic or wood help create an independent space for children to easily play. Therefore, before buying, parents should determine what their need to buy a crib is, so that they can easily choose the right products. Because each type of crib will have different functions, you need to distinguish clearly.

3.2 Material of the product

For cribs used to place inside cribs, they will be fabric products. However, parents should also pay attention to what the fabric is. Because the baby’s skin will often touch, if the fabric is not good, it will easily lead to the baby’s skin being irritated such as itching, redness, itching, etc. Not only that, for many fabrics not It is also very easy to cause back sweat, secreting a lot of back, causing children to catch colds.
For independent designs, mothers should choose materials that are safe and friendly to children’s health. Usually, this product line is known for two materials: natural wood and plastic. Each type has different advantages and disadvantages so parents can balance in their shopping.

3.3 Crankcase dimensions

The size of the crib is the first criterion that you should pay attention to when buying a crib for your baby. For cribs placed inside crib sets, consider the size of the bed from the top. Because you will calculate the size of the inner strap fabric to be proportionate when you know the size of the crib. Absolutely, do not choose a strap size that is too short or too long to avoid causing inconvenience. In addition, the height of the strap should not be larger than the bar. Because that will make the air circulation here is obstructed.

The size of the crib is the first criterion that you should pay attention to when buying a crib for your baby

As for the independently designed cribs, you need to consider the height and length of the crank. Specifically, they must be the same size as the crib’s design. Because if the height of the strap is too low, the baby can easily hang outside, causing danger.

3.5 Color of the crib

Although it is only a small accessory in children’s items in daily life, the color of the crib also needs to be chosen seriously. Because in the newborn period, when children will begin to get used to life, they will be curious and observe a lot around. The eye-catching colors not only help children’s attention be attracted but also stimulate the development of thinking more. Therefore, you should choose a crib with a bright tone. Absolutely do not choose colors that are too deep and dark.

You should choose a crib with a bright color tone.

Why should you buy a crib for your baby?

A baby cot is not only an item that gives babies a peaceful sleep and protects them every night, but also helps them have a safe play space. A large enough crib with a variety of floor lifting features will provide convenience during disassembly. On the other hand, it is also a separate playground for children.

4.1 Help children form independent thinking

Children will be delighted to own their small room. Besides, parents can also put more toys in the crib for the baby to play. From there, help children avoid harmful agents such as: Ipad, phone, …

Parents can put more toys in the crib for the baby to play

4.2 Keeping baby safe when mom is busy

Normally, the crib will have an average height of 60 – 65cm combined with a sturdy vacuum pad. From there, it helps to keep the baby safe in sight when the mother is busy without having to worry that the child will reach the electrical outlet, the thermos or crawl out of the house, etc.

4.3 Highly durable cot

Typically, plastic or wooden cribs will last for about 3-5 years, or even more. Therefore, parents can use it until the baby grows up, then convert it into a ball house or save it for the next baby in the family.

TOP 5 best baby cribs

Here are 5 types of cribs for babies that are most loved and chosen by parents on the market today:

5.1 Goldcat 3-in-1 multi-function cot

Not only is this a normal baby crib, but this product also integrates a small crib inside to facilitate the process of lulling the baby to sleep after playing. This multi-function crib set includes a crib, bassinet, crib curtain, and bassinet for babies from 0 to 8 months old. At the same time, this product is also fitted with wheels below, so it will bring a lot of convenience to the process of moving when needed during use.

Goldcat multi-function crib set is suitable for babies from 0 to 8 months old

The product is made of 100% rubber wood material that has undergone anti-termite treatment, painted with beautiful colors with a size of 71×115cm. In particular, the wooden bars are also smooth and delicately designed, so it is safe for the baby to hold their hands up. The bottom of the crib has a built-in compartment so that the mother can put items such as clothes, diapers, and diapers for the baby to change when needed, which is very convenient. The upper part of the cradle can be easily disassembled, so when the child learns to stand.

Currently, this type of crib has a selling price of about 3,000,000 VND.

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5.2 Baby crib VBABY F8

This product line is made of high quality New Zealand pine wood. Combined with that is a classy and luxurious design, so the VBABY baby cot is a very valuable product that parents should invest in.

Because this product line offers outstanding advantages such as:

  • The treated wood is soft and smooth.
  • Safe for babies, sturdy design.
  • High product durability.

However, this product line is made of wood, so the process of disassembling and moving during use is relatively difficult. Currently, the selling price of this product on the market is about 1,799,000 VND.

5.3 Toys House plastic crib

Currently, plastic cribs are often preferred because of the primary plastic material, no corners, so it is very safe for babies. In particular, the primary plastic is odorless and does not fade, so it is safe for children even when sucked in.

In addition, they also have the feature of being very easy to disassemble and move. Combined with that are outstanding colors, stimulating the baby’s vision. Not only that, this product also has neat doors and latches.

Currently, the selling price of Toys House plastic cribs ranges from 1,270,000 – 2,550,000 VND.

5.4 Playpen Baby Crib – OEM

Playpen baby cot – OEM is a product made from natural pine wood, not impregnated with harmful chemicals, so it will not affect the baby’s health at all. In particular, this product line also has a simple design, no need to install and move.

Currently, the Playpen – OEM baby crib is produced with 2 popular sizes, 100x70x10cm and 100x70x15cm for parents to choose from. The product is suitable for children from 6 to 36 months old and costs about 900,000 VND.

5.5 Hugme baby crib with fabric

Hugme’s fabric crib is designed to resemble a super cute room for babies. With many outstanding advantages, this product deserves to be a top choice for your baby.

  • Solid alloy frame, safe for babies when not angular.
  • Machine washable so it’s easy to clean.
  • Environmentally friendly fabrics.
  • It can be taken to a picnic because it is easy to assemble, packed very small, very easy to store.
  • Product design is beautiful and elegant.

Baby cot is really one of the essential items for parents and children today. However, you need to learn and base on your usage needs and financial conditions to choose the right product line.

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