The BabyHub Compact Footmuff is all about being cosy and convenient. Weighing less than 300g (that’s lighter than a pack of butter), it packs into its own bag and should take up minimal space in your handbag. In fact, the real magic is how small it becomes. When stowed in its bag it measures just 15cm long, and it can be unpacked and packed away quickly and easily – all you need to do is fold and roll. Perfect for when you’re on the go and not sure what the weather holds.

Made from specialist material, the Compact Footmuff is full-length, durable, shower proof, wind proof, and breathable. Soft to touch, both inside and out, the Compact Footmuff features a micro-fleece polyester inner layer providing comfort and warmth. Come cool summer evenings or chilly winter days, it provides the perfect companion.

Compatible for use with any stroller or buggy, the Compact Footmuff showcases the best of British design and manufacturing.