The award-winning NeoSpace Bedside Crib is unique, providing a padded bridge from the baby’s crib to the parents’ bed. Safety is our priority, and this guided our design.

Shortlisted for a Baby Products Association Award from concept drawings alone, the NeoSpace Bedside Crib features a luxury 40mm thick natural coir mattress with an antibacterial cover woven with the healing herb sarcandra glabra.

It is beautiful, safe, breathable, comfortable, adjustable, hygienic, affordable, natural, and reusable.


  • There is no dangerous gap between the parents’ and baby’s beds. The patented padded side folds down onto the parents’ bed to create a comfortable “bridge”.
  • Multi-purpose, the NeoSpace Bedside Crib can also act as a standalone crib. The “bridge” can be easily fastened into the closed position at any time, even when attached to the parents’ bed.
  • Fully adjustable to any height. Using the specially designed clamps, the crib’s height can be easily adjusted even when the crib is attached to the parents’ bed.
  • Fixable to any type of bed through the use of straps. These can either be fixed between the mattress and bed base or fastened around a bed frame.
  • To help prevent reflux, the front end can be raised slightly to create a gentle incline.
  • Made with Rainforest Alliance certified and FSC accredited New Zealand pine with an environmental water-based white wood finish.
  • Features a high-quality 40mm thick and firm ergonomic coir mattress with a luxury antibacterial cover woven with the healing herb sarcandra glabra.
  • The covers are fully machine washable, and the padded inserts are easy to remove.
  • The NeoSpace Bedside Crib comes with a carry bag to allow for easy transportation. Perfect for visiting friends or family.
  • And it is reusable. Once the baby is grown, the NeoSpace Bedside Crib can be reused as a child’s bench seat.


As the Hutchinsons prepared to become a family of five, we sent them their own NeoSpace Bedside Crib to try.