The Essential Tools To Help Your Baby Sleep

Parents of babies of all ages search for the secret behind a good night’s sleep. Aside from the obvious nutrition and health issues, you need to consider what your baby should be sleeping in and what sleep tools you can use that will really make a difference. When making the decision on what sleep products to buy, there are three factors to consider:

  1. Will this product add to my baby’s comfort?
  2. Is this product safe or can it enhance my baby’s safety during sleep?
  3. Will this product get me closer to a full nights sleep?


Without question, the tool that will help you get a better night’s sleep with your newborn is a swaddling blanket. Swaddling your baby will help her sleep better as it inhibits the startle reflex, which is a leading cause of wakings in newborns. In terms of safety, a swaddle must be 100% cotton and not overheat your little one. The Baby Sense Cuddlewrap is my favorite swaddling blanket as this registered design is the best for both safety and functionality.

Another tool that works wonders in the newborn is white noise. White noise keeps your baby sleeping in a more settled state. Play the Womb to World CD quietly in the background while your little one sleeps and if she wakes every 45 minutes as many newborns do, loop the CD to help her stay asleep by linking her sleep cycles.

Additionally, we recommend you take a look at our Co-sleeping bedside crib, which allows you to safely sleep next to your newborn with our innovative soft bridge from crib to bed. Your baby will also be able to see you and sleep soundly.

4-6 months:

By three months old your baby will outgrow her swaddle and will want to be free in her crib. She may at this time start to kick off her blankets and you will wander into her room, only to find her waking due to cold. The best way to ensure this won’t happen is to use a sleeping bag. The only sleeping bags you should consider from a safety perspective are those that are 100% cotton, with no polyester fill. Use an appropriate weight sleeping bag for summer and winter. Babies use sleeping bags right through to the toddler years so this is a wise investment.

6 months to toddlers:

Between 6 months and a year, your little one’s sleep may become disrupted due to separation anxiety and you will find yourself called in at night to give a cuddle, pop in the dummy or rock your baby back to sleep. To limit these unnecessary night wakings, ensure your little one has a small security blanket or soft toy to reach for as comfort.

In a nutshell, these bedtime essentials will help you achieve peaceful nights.

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